Grow Your Business with Online Marketing

Grow Your Business with Online Marketing

Grow Your Business with Online Marketing

Whether you run a bricks and mortar business, or you are starting an internet business and using fulfillment services, you need online marketing in order for your business to grow. Most business owners now recognize the importance of having a website, but just having a website isn’t enough, people need to know you are out there and for that. you need online marketing.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is a way of introducing your business to a wider audience and letting them know you are out there. There may be hundreds of people who would appreciate your services or products but first they need to know that you are there, and that is the business of online marketing. This article offers some of the ways a business owner might engage in email marketing.

One of the things that an online marketer will concentrate on is something known as permission marketing. Essentially what this means is that you offer something, for example a free news letter about your business. Anyone who wants to receive your letter will need to provide you with their email address, when someone does this; they are in effect, giving you permission to promote your business. Whenever you have a new product or a free gift, you can notify the people on your list.

Some companies will favor those customers who’ve provided an email address with advance news of upcoming products or the occasional free gift. The gift is generally a digital product, a book, or newsletter telling them about any special offers you may have or advance notice of a sale. Occasionally you may offer discounts on certain products to those people on your email list.

Using a Blog

Most company websites now incorporate a blog. Blogging is a great way of marketing certain aspects of your business online. You might want to introduce a new product and let people know how it works and how it is better than other products of a similar type. Once you start a business blog, you should have a blogging schedule if you intend the blog to be an integral part of your online marketing. You can link to particular products or web pages within your blog but make sure that the general tone is friendly and engaging.

You may want to offer certain bits of information in the blog post itself and then say that if the reader wants to know more, all they have to do is provide their email address and receive the full text of whatever it is you were writing about. Permission marketing is one of the best tools in your online marketing toolbox.

Use Social Media

If you don’t already have a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, then now is the time to sign up and start posting. Having a varied online presence is vital to marketing your business. Some companies have seen great success with video marketing as well. Videos that go viral can catapult a company to new heights overnight. Below is an example of a video that did just that to Halo Capital, a company in the lending business.

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